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Lords Mobile is not just one of the top free strategy games in the world, but also one of the top grossing games because it has millions of active daily players that spend hours building their online kingdoms. The story of the game is quite good, the graphics are amazing and so is the animation, and the gameplay mechanics keep you coming back for more. So it’s only natural that you’d want to see what the game would feel like on a big screen. You might have already played the game on your smartphone; but in this article, we are going to see how you can download, install and play Lords Mobile for PC using BlueStacks app player and enjoy the strategy game on a bigger screen.

With Lords Mobile gameLords Mobile game installed on your computer, you will be plunged into a fantasy world where the lords of different kingdoms have gone to battle after the empire’s death. Every Lord considers themselves¬† as the rightful heir and because of this the peace that was widespread across the empire has now been shattered. Moreover, countless monsters have risen up from the depths to wreak havoc on an already battle-scarred land and the world desperately needs a hero who will rise up and end all the war. As far as story goes, this feels like a great setup to an amazing gameplay because you will be able to use your wits and battle tactics to take down your enemies and work towards bringing peace to the world. So, we will see how to download Lords Mobile for PC in this article; but before we do that, let’s have a quick look at some of the best features of the game.

Lords Mobile for PC – Features

With more than 100 million downloads worldwide, there is no doubt that this is one of the best strategy games in the world. Plus, the developers are hard at work in order to add new content to the game with each new update so that the players always have something to look forward to.

lords mobile for pc

  • Free to Download: The game is absolutely free to download and play, however you need an internet connection while playing the game. Moreover, there are in-game items that can be purchased with real money, but that is completely optional.
  • Build and Conquer: In this MMO game, you will have to build your kingdom, go to war with neighboring kingdoms, explore the world and clash in the arena to not only save your kingdom an the castle from being pillaged but also to defeat your enemies and achieve total victory.
  • Build an Army: The game has a huge number of different characters and you can recruit them to build the strongest army possible. You can amass your battle troops and gain the trust of the war heroes, and even recruit the kings with their legendary skills to your army to bolster the total strength. You will need a strong army to fight off dragons, monsters and other opponents.
  • Master Your Strategies: The game is all about coming up with unique strategies to gain an upper hand over your opponent and you will need to think a step ahead to come out victorious. Use different army lineups to discover what’s the best way to conquer the enemy warlords.
  • Choose Your Battle Path: What’s really unique about this game is that it lets you choose what kind of player you want to be – you can either be a trader and build an economic empire that thrives on trade, treasures and alliances, or you can be an offensive player whose empire attacks and conquers enemy kingdoms.
  • Other Features: You can even join a clan to make friends with strong players and you all can then help each other out by sharing battle tactics, as well as go to war with different clans in the Clan Wars. The game also allows you to establish your empire in a new location by simply switching to a different server.

These are some of the features of the Lords Mobile game that you will get to explore once you download it on your smartphone or your computer. So, if you are ready to get the game and play it on the big screen of your computer, just follow the steps mentioned below.

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How to Download Lords Mobile for PC?

The game is available for free in Google Play Store; and if you’ve got an Android smartphone or a tablet, you simply have to go to the app store on your device, search for the game and download it directly. This is the method you are familiar with when downloading games on a smartphone, and downloading it on a computer is also very much similar.

lords mobile for pc download

The first thing you need to do is download and install one of the Android emulator software on your computer. You can go with any of the available emulators you like, there are several options to choose from, and almost all of them are free. However, I would recommend you to download BlueStacks app player because that’s the best one right now and it comes with all the features you’d ever need. The second best option is Nox App Player; but you can go with whichever you like because the installation process remains the same.

What this Android emulators do is create a virtual environment on your computer that resembles that of the Android OS which allows you to not only download and install the apps, but also run them smoothly without any issues.

Also the process is quite simple and you don’t have to be an advanced user to follow it. Just go through the steps that are mentioned below and you will have the game up and running within minutes!

Steps to Download Lords Mobile for PC

  • Download and install BlueStacks app player on your computer.
  • If you are using the emulator for the first time, then login using your Gmail ID to authenticate your BlueStacks account and enable the App Sync feature as well.
  • Once the emulator is opened, click on the Search icon on the top.
  • Type “Lords Mobile” in the search box and hit the find button.
  • A new tab will open in the emulator showing all the search results related to your query.
  • Click on the first link which will be of the online strategy game.
  • The official Google Play Store page of the game will now load in the emulator on your screen.
  • On the app page, click on the Install button.
  • A pop-up box will appear displaying the list of all the permissions needed to install and run the game.
  • Click on the Accept button to accept the permissions and close the pop-up box.
  • The download process will begin!

lords mobile for pc online

Once you have completed following the above steps, the download process will begin which should take only a couple of minutes to complete. But depending on the speed of your internet connection, it might take longer so be patient.

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As soon as the game’s installed, you can go to the “All Apps” tab in the BlueStacks app player, click on the game’s icon, create your free account or login if you’ve already registered,¬† and begin building your empire.

That’s how you can download, install and play Lords Mobile for PC using BlueStacks emulator. If you liked the article, and have successfully downloaded the game, make sure to share it with your friends as well so that they too can join you in the online fantasy world.