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Multiplayer games are growing more and more in popularity and they are not limited to just the battle royale games that require you to have a high end smartphone to run them. Right now, there are a ton of awesome games on the Play Store that have a simple game play and uses the concept or real-time battle royale but doesn’t ask for specs like a huge RAM and a high memory space. One such game is Tanks A Lot! – Realtime Multiplayer Battle Arena that brings a much needed uniqueness to your gaming experience as it features small, animated tanks in the battlefield and you will be battling in real time against players from around the world.

Like most of the multiplayer games, this one also features team battles where you will be a part of 3vs3 real-time fights. You can be a part of the team of players from around the world, or you can team up with your own friends in Tanks A Lot! – Realtime Multiplayer Battle Arena for PC. Moreover, there are multiple game modes available as well which means that you can experience driving the tank and fighting your opponents in different settings and environment. You also have the ability to build your own tanks and upgrade them with powerful weapons and accessories to make it much stronger than before allowing you to decimate your opponents in the battlefield. So before we see the steps to download the game on your computer, let’s have a look at its best features.

Tanks A Lot! – Realtime Multiplayer Battle Arena for PC – Features

The game is one of the recently launched games, but it has become quite popular in a short time as it’s been downloaded on close to half a million devices and the number is growing at an absurd rate. This is all thanks to the awesome features and the amazing gameplay that it brings to your phone!

tanks a lot realtime multiplayer battle arena for pc

  • Free to Download: The game, just like most of the other games on Google Play Store, is completely free to download and play. However, you need a working internet connection since it is an online multiplayer game and there are in-game items that can be purchased with real money, but this items are completely optional.
  • Build Your Tank: When you download the game, you will be able to build your very own tank with all the parts and accessories available to you. If that’s not all, as you keep winning battles, you will be able to unlock new parts and then upgrade your tank to increase its firepower and battle stats.
  • Multiplayer Gameplay: You will be paired with 2 other players in a 3-player team and will be put against another team of 3 players in a 3vs3 real-time gameplay. You will have to strategize with your teammates to take out the opponents and win the battles as quickly as possible.
  • Team Up with Friends: The game also allows you to team up with your friends if you don’t want to play with others and you all can then jump in the battlefield together to take out your enemies.
  • Multiple Game Modes: With different game modes available – like Deathmatch, Brawl mode and Battle Royale as well as Tank-O-Ball – you will always have something new to play. As the name suggests, the game modes feature different gameplay with different rules and settings, but you will be fighting against other players for survival.
  • Various Weapons: As you keep advancing ahead by winning battles, you will be able to unlock new weapons like shotguns, lasers, snipers and more close-range and long-range weapons and equip them in your tanks to help you take out your enemies.

These are some of the features of the game where you can not only play as part of a team, but also go solo with the battle royale mode and become the last man standing. If you liked what you read, then follow the steps mentioned below and see how to download the game on your computer.

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How to Download Tanks A Lot! for PC?

The easiest way to play the game is to download and install it on your smartphone. If you own an Android smartphone, then you can head over to Google Play Store, search for the game’s title and then download it directly from there. But it’s not that straightforward when it comes to downloading it on your computer. We’ll need to use an Android emulator software in order to install the game on our computer or laptop. There are several such emulators available, below we have mentioned two of the best ones and the installation method as well, and you can go with whichever one you like!

tanks a lot realtime multiplayer battle arena for pc online

Download Tanks A Lot! for PC using BlueStacks

  • Download and install BlueStacks on your computer.
  • If you are using the app player for the first time, then login using your Gmail ID to authenticate your BlueStacks account and enable the App Sync feature as well.
  • Once the emulator is opened, click on the Search icon on the top.
  • Type “Tanks A Lot!” in the search box and hit the find button.
  • A new tab will open in the emulator showing all the search results related to your query.
  • Click on the first link which is of the offline combat game.
  • The official Google Play Store page of the game will now load in the emulator on your screen.
  • On the game page, click on the Install button.
  • A pop-up box will appear displaying the list of all the permissions needed to install and run the game.
  • Click on the Accept button to accept the permissions and close the pop-up box.
  • That’s it!

Download Tanks A Lot! for PC using Nox App Player

  • Download and install Nox app player on your computer.
  • Once the emulator is installed, launch it on your desktop screen and follow the instructions. Since this is your first boot, it will take a little longer for the emulator software to load fully.
  • Next, you need to setup your Google Play Store account by logging in using your Gmail ID and password.
  • Next, click on the Search bar on the homepage and type in “Tanks A Lot!” and hit enter.
  • You will see multiple search results for the query; click on the first link that will take you to the official game page on Google Play Store.
  • Now, click on the Install button and then click on the Accept button in the pop-up box to grant all the necessary permissions.
  • The download process will now start.

tanks a lot realtime multiplayer battle arena for pc download

Both of the above methods are easy to follow and it’s up to you which one you choose. After following the above steps properly, you will see the download process begin and the game will be installed within a few minutes as the size of the game isn’t that big!

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As soon as the game’s installation process is complete, the icon will appear on the dashboard of the emulator. Now, all you have to do is click on the game’s icon and it will launch on your computer screen. So, create your profile, perform the initial setup and go through the tutorial and begin playing the game immediately.

This is how you can download, install and play Tanks A Lot! – Realtime Multiplayer Battle Arena for PC using the best android emulator software. If you liked the article and have started playing the game, then make sure to share it with your friends as well!

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