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The mobile phone monitoring and tracking applications have been gaining popularity for a few years. While these applications are providing support to businesses in keeping their workers under surveillance, many parents across the world are taking advantage of the spy app to supervise their kids’ digital lives. It enables working parents to remotely monitor the online and offline activities of their kids remaining far away from them. The top-notch spy applications allow parents to monitor the cell phone devices of their kids to safeguard them from cyber-bullies, predators, sex offenders, child abusers, pedophiles, hackers and online criminals. However, choosing a reliable spy app can be a hard nut to crack in the presence of bulk of monitoring apps rightly available. We have reviewed here a trusted and feature-rich spy app intended for parents to keep tabs on the cell phone activities of their children. Read on to know how the software facilitates working moms in looking after their kids and saving their lives.

How Does Mobile Phone Spy App work?

The parents must download and install the spy app to their kids’ Android and iPhone devices to remotely track their phones. They can also present a cell phone to their kids preinstalled with the spy application. After installation, the targeted cell phone can be monitored and controlled from the online control panel of the spy app. Parents can access that control panel from their own cell phones or computer devices.

What does Mobile Phone Spy App offer to Working Moms?

The Android and iPhone monitoring app offers a broad range of features to working moms enabling them to track the online and offline activities of their kids.

Spy on Messages

The SMS, MMS, and iMessages sent and received on the targeted phone get uploaded on the spy app control panel. Parents can read all these messages and see the contact details of the message senders and receivers.

Track Social Media and IM

Social media and instant messengers have grabbed the attention of younger teens and tweens making them stick to their smartphones updating their social media profiles for hours. The spy app enables parents to track Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Tinder, Kik, Telegram, Viber, IMO and many other social networking apps installed on the targeted Android phones. You can see what your kids post on these platforms; what type of messages, photos, videos and audios they exchange through these apps, and who are in their social media friend circle.

Call Recording

Are you concerned about the secretive phone calls of your kids? The spy app lets you listen to the incoming and outgoing phone calls of your kids right on your own device. The app automatically records all calls and uploads to spy app account from where these recorded calls can be evaluated. Also, it provides call logs containing the detail of the callers and recipients.

GPS Location Tracking

The mobile phone spy app shows you the exact current location of your kids to keep you informed of your kids’ whereabouts while remaining at your office. The app also lets you mark multiple locations to prevent your kids from entering those locations.

Monitor Internet History

The spy app accesses the web browsing history saved in your kids’ cell phone devices. It lets you evaluate how your kids are using the internet facility. You can see the frequently visited websites and time to visit these websites. However, the app does not let you block unwanted websites on the cell phone.


The tracking app records the strokes made on the on-screen keyboard of your kid’s Android and iPhone. It includes the keystrokes of password, username and email addresses.

Track Emails

The emails transmitted and exchanged via Gmail app get synced by the spy app to enable parents to remotely monitor the emails of their children.

Monitor Surroundings

In addition to the activities performed on the cell phones, you can monitor the activities performed in the surrounding of the cell phone. The spy app lets you remotely turn on the front and rear cameras of the targeted Android and iPhone to make a video or take photos of surrounding scenes. Similarly, the microphone of that cell phone can be operated to listen and record the surrounding sounds and conversations.

That is not all. The mobile phone spy app facilitates working parents in countless ways to safeguard their kids from the threats prevailing in the real and digital world.

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