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MADFINGER Games is back with the latest edition to their popular shooter game franchise, Shadowgun, and this time they have taken things up a notch with Shadowgun Legends. The game is the latest action game with console-level graphics, multiple game modes that includes story mode and PvP modes and an amazing story that will keep you hooked to the screen for a long time. If you love playing action games, and have played one of the previous games in the series, then you’d be delighted to hear that a new game has been released and would love to download it. You can get it on your Android smartphone from Google Play Store; but if you are interested in playing the game on the bigger screen, then downloading Shadowgun Legends for PC using an emulator software is a good idea.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of action games available for Android smartphones and new ones are being released everyday, but there’s a reason why Shadowgun Legends game has created so much hype. The game takes you to the futuristic world ravaged with war as deadly alien invaders have driven humanity to extinction and the last line of defense are the Shadowguns, who are the legendary warriors and heroes. You are a young recruit with limitless potential and have the capability to turn the tide of war and save the humanity, and it’s up to you to train yourself an put yourself in the battlefield to show who’s the boss. If the story of the game intrigues you, then please follow the process to download Shadowgun Legends for PC mentioned later in the article. But before that, let’s have a look at some of the best features of the game!

Shadowgun Legends for PC – Features

The game has been released recently and considering the franchise it belongs to, it won’t take long for the game to become extremely popular and get millions of players worldwide. So, make sure that you are among the first ones to play the action game and to get a headstart, check out the features to know exactly what to expect from it!

shadowgun legends for pc

  • Campaign Mode: The alien invaders have attacked humanity and has driven them to extinction and as a young Shadowgun recruit, it’s up to you to take arms and show your enemies that you won’t back down without a fight. Play the epic story campaign that spans over 200+ missions across 4 different planets.
  • Co-op Missions: Every action game is as good as the features and game modes that it provides and with Shadowgun Legends, you get to join forces with your friends to conduct co-op missions and raids so that you can defeat powerful enemy bosses for amazing rewards.
  • PvP Battles: Apart from the story mode and the co-op missions, there is also a PvP battle arena that allows you to team up with other players and fight against another team of players in real time. There are several PvP arenas available where you can fight each other and find out who’s the best player of them all.
  • Weapons & Gear: The game consists for more than 500 unique weapons including handguns, assault rifles, sub-machine guns, heavy machine guns, sniper rifles as well as heavy-damage weapons like plasma beams that you can use. You can also built your own armor set by collecting over 1000 different armor pieces!
  • Character Customization: There are around 150+ cosmetic items available in the game that you can use to customize your character to make it unique and stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  • Social Features: The game comes with one of the most unique features that allows you to party hard with other players, interact with them, accept missions and visit vendors in the game’s Hub. Here, you can chat with friends and create battle squads or guilds. You also have to chance to become a celebrity in the Shadowgun Universe and earn better rewards!

These are some of the best features of the Shadowgun Legends game that you should know about! Since the game is quite new, there will be new features released in the upcoming updates so make sure you become an expert before a massive update comes around!

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Shadowgun Legends for PC Download

If you want to download the action game on your smartphone, then the installation method is quite simple. All you have to do is either visit the iOS app store or the Google Play Store and download the game directly on your iPhone/iPad or Android device. However, when it comes to downloading the game on your computer, the method is a little bit different but extremely easy!

shadowgun legends for pc computer download

To download the game on PC, we will be using an Android emulator software. There are several such programs available; but for this game, we will go with BlueStacks app player as it is the most popular emulator, gets regular updates, is built for playing games and supports almost every app and games available in the Play Store. So, click on the link below to download the latest version of BlueStacks emulator and then follow the installation steps below:

Steps to Download Shadowgun Legends for PC

  • Download BlueStacks from the above link and then install it on your computer.
  • Now, open the app player and complete the setup process by logging in to your Google Play Store account.
  • Once all the setup is done and the emulator has fully loaded, type in “Shadowgun Legends” in the search box on the top-right corner.
  • You will get the game icon as the search result, so tap on it.
  • A pop-up box will open in the emulator dashboard showing the official Google Play Store page of the game.
  • Click on the Install button and then click on the Accept button in the pop-up box.
  • The game download process will now begin.

Since the game is a little bit big in size, it may take some time to download all the required files. However, after you have completed the above steps, just wait a few minutes and Shadowgun Legends for PC will be installed successfully.

shadowgun legends for pc online

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Once the game is installed on your computer, you need to click on the “All Apps” tab on the emulator dashboard. Now you will see all the installed apps and games and from this list, click on the action game icon to open it on your desktop. Finally, complete the initial setup, create your profile and start playing the game online.

This is how you can download, install and play Shadowgun Legends for PC using BlueStacks app player! If you liked the article, and have started playing the game, then share the installation steps with your friends as well so that they can join you in the game.