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When you own an Android device, you will notice that your battery is getting drained even when you don’t use your phone. This happens because even though you close your applications, they are running silently in the background and you need to prevent that to save your battery juice. So that’s were Greenify app comes into action. If you have already installed the application then you just have to update it but if you haven’t then download the latest Greenify 2.6.1 APK file for your Android smartphone.

With Greenify application installed on your smartphone, you just have to add the different apps to it and then it will automatically hibernate all the apps running in your background. It won’t just stop them but it will put them out of action. So with the app, you will save a lot of your battery life. So you need to download the app from Google Play Store directly on your device or just download Greenify 2.6.1 APK for Android and install it on your smartphone or tablet.

Greenify 2.6.1 APK for Android – Features:

The application is so popular among Android users that it has been downloaded on more than a million devices so you should also download Greenify for Android and see how it helps you save your phone’s battery life.

greenify 2.6.1 apk for android

  • Never Collects Personal Data: The application never collects your personal data or account details. It has the capability to access the service but it uses that just to automate things.
  • Hibernate Mode: It automatically puts the battery leeching applications in hibernation so that they don’t run in the background and the battery life can be extended.
  • No Start and Stop: You don’t need to stop your applications from running because Greenify takes care of that automatically and when you need to use any hibernated application, you just have to open it directly and it will start working.

What’s New in the Update?

  • Improved automated hibernation stability in non-root mode.
  • Swipe gesture to refresh the app list.
  • Miscellaneous improvements.

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Download Greenify 2.6.1 APK for Android

You can download the battery saving application on your smartphone directly from the Play Store but if you want to get the latest Greenify APK file of the app then you can do so by using the download link below.

Download APK Get it From Google Play Store

Once you have downloaded the APK file, you can just transfer the application to your smartphone and then you can install it manually just like you install any other application.

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