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If you use Messenger Lite application on your Android device, then you should consider downloading the updated version to receive all the new features. The latest version, i.e. Messenger Lite 3.1 APK for Android, is out now and you can download it directly from Google Play Store. The new version of the app comes with a few bug fixes but remains the same as the previous version. It provides you with a light-weight platform that consumes way less data and allows you to chat with your friends even with slow or unstable Internet connection. The messenger app is the lite version of Facebook Messenger, so don’t mistake the two to be the same.

With Messenger Lite app installed on your device, you will be able to send text messages to your friends on Facebook in all network conditions. The app is much faster, consumes less data and comes in a small size allowing anyone to download and install the app without worrying about exhausting their data pack. You can send text, photos and links to any of your friends using the messenger application and since it is designed for 2G networks, it works in almost all the places. So, if you are using the app on your phone, then download Messenger Lite 3.1 APK for Android and install it manually on update it directly from Google Play Store to get the latest version of the app.

Messenger Lite 3.1 APK for Android – Features

The app has been downloaded on around a million devices worldwide, but that would be due to the fact that it is a lite version of the messenger application. It is a good option to download the app if you have unstable Internet connection, otherwise you will be satisfied with the official Facebook messenger application.

messenger lite 3.1 apk for android

  • The Messenger  Lite app is completely free to download and use on your device.
  • To use the application, you need an Internet connection at all times to send and receive messages for free.
  • It is a lite version of the Facebook Messenger app which means that it is small in size and doesn’t require a lot of free space on your smartphone.
  • You can use the app in all the network conditions which means that you can send and receive messages on the app even if you are using connections as slower as 2G.
  • With the application, you can send messages, photos, videos and other things instantly to anyone who’s using the Messenger app, Messenger lite app or even Facebook and Facebook Lite app.
  • Since it consumes less data, it can save you a lot of money on your Internet data pack.
  • The app works on almost any type of Android smartphones including the ones with Gingerbread OS.

These are some of the best features of the Facebook Messenger Lite app for Android! You can download it from Google Play Store or manually install it by using the latest version of the APK file we shared below.

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Download Messenger Lite 3.1 APK for Android

The best way to download the Messenger Lite app on your Android device is to do it through Google Play Store. You can download the latest version or update it within minutes through the app store.

messenger lite apk download

However, if you are facing issues while downloading the update or the latest version hasn’t yet arrived on your phone, then you can use the link below to download Messenger Lite APK and then install it manually on your Android smartphone or tablet to get all the new updates.

Download APK Get it from Google Play Store

You can download the most recent version of Messenger Lite app by clicking here!

Once the APK file is saved, go to Settings > Security on your Android device and enable the Unknown Sources option. This will allow you to install the APK files of the app that you downloaded from sources other than Google Play Store. Now, use any file explorer app to navigate to the folder where you saved the Messenger Lite app and install it manually on your device.

This is how you can download Messenger Lite 3.1 APK for Android! If you liked the article, then you can share it with your friends as well so that they too can download the lightweight version of the Messenger application.