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Download GarageBand for PC: Since you are on this page, I would assume that you already know what GarageBand is and what it can do but if you don’t know what exactly that software can do then I will tell you about it. GarageBand is an awesome sound mixing application that is available for only Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and Mac devices but if you are looking for a way to download GarageBand for PC running Windows OS then you need to read this entire article.

If you love creating music by mixing various tracks and sounds and creating a unique song then you will love GarageBand. The application is used by many DJs and artists all over the world because it allows you to play, mix and record your own songs and you get tons of awesome features to create the perfect track with this software. But the official version is only available for Apple devices but you don’t need to worry if you are using a Windows computer as you will be able to download GarageBand for PC as well.

GarageBand for PC – Features:

The reason everyone should have GarageBand installed on the devices is that everyone needs a unique track of their own. However if you love music then not having this application will hamper with your music love.

With GarageBand application installed on your system, you will be able to create customized songs and music tracks of your own easily, plus with features like recording your own voice for a song and virtual keyboards, it will be a breeze to make a unique track of your own.

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Creating music with the app is not tough at all. When you launch the application on your computer, you will be able to start creating music by using the built-in sounding loops. With GarageBand for PC, you can easily capture your performance to fine-tune it and come up with the final version of the song.

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You can create upto 32 tracks with this application but if you need to create more then you can merge these tracks with one another to make space for the new ones. With this application, you can not only create music but you can jam with your friends as well and even record tracks from other music apps.

Download GarageBand for PC (Windows OS)

As I have already said above that there is no official version of the application available for Windows computer as it is available only for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and Mac computers. However there is an application that you can download on your Windows computer.

If you want to download GarageBand for Windows computer, then you can do so by going to RareSoftware site and download the application from there. The application is free to download for Windows computer so you will be able to download and use it on your PC easily without any troubles.

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How to Download GarageBand for Mac?

If you have a Mac device then you can easily download the official version of GarageBand application on your system. All you have to do is click on the iTunes link below and you will be able to download the app from there.

Download GarageBand for Mac

I hope that you won’t have faced any difficulty in downloading the music mixing application on your Windows computer or Mac. So if you have downloaded GarageBand for PC then do share the post with your friends as well so that you can schedule jam session with your friends!