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Cyber dangers are on the rise due to kids exposure towards cell phones and internet no time ever before. They always seem to stick with the cell phone and the internet. However, in reality, teens and kids all day long perform plenty of activities on the web using their smartphones that need to be addressed by the parents. Otherwise, they are more likely to become the victims of online dangers. There are plenty of threats online for young kids and teens socially, morally and physical threats. Let’s discuss all the threats young kids and teens may encounter with the use of digital devices.

What are the top 5 online dangers for kids?

Cyber predators

There are plenty of online threats for the kids and teens online and cyber predators are one of them. Since the cell phones have owned by the youngsters they are getting closer to the online predators. Moreover, today teens are willingly connecting with the predators online the moment they approach the strangers. It means strangers could be anyone likewise a stalker, cyber bully, sexual predator and other alike. So, young kids and teens may encounter with the predators online via social media apps. Online predator mostly victimizes young teens and trap teens in their love for sexual motives and bullies online just humiliate kids and teens on the social media platforms that really left long lasted mental issues among kids.


Sexting is one of the most dangerous online aspect that every parents needs to aware about kids online. Young kids and teens get involved in sexting and that could be in text forms while talking to their boyfriends and girlfriends. In addition, teens also share obscene content on social messaging apps and websites in terms of photos, videos and through other activities. It really dangerous for teens and kids dignity and online predators attract to the teens that are used of sharing sext because they believe they are easy target to whom they can easily exploit. Therefore, sexting is one of the most dangerous online threats for children.

Social media obsession

Young kids and teens use their cell phone cameras to capture selfies, photos and do multiple activities all day long. They send and receive text messages, text conversations, audio and video calls, share media files and Voice calls on trendy social media platforms.

Online dating

The uncommitted sexual activities and blind dates with the use of online dating apps like Tinder are been on the rise among teens. They used to find someone at parties to have sexual activities and today it all happens with the use of social messaging apps and dating sites. They use it on their phone and approach the opposite gender and then meet at parties to have sexual motives. It happens most of the time when teens got trapped and rape by the strangers at parties and at hidden whereabouts and culprit reportedly were their online friends.

Health issues

Teens and kids that used of spending most of the time on the cell phone and gadgets and as well as on the social media platforms they are more likely to get health problems due to lack of sleep. They usually got depression, anxiety, and stress.

How to protect kids from online dangers?

If you want to protect your teens from cyber dangers then you need to set parental control on your kids and teens devices. It is possible when you go to the web and visit the official web page of the cell phone parental control app. In addition, you need to subscribe for mobile phone parental control app. In return, you will receive a login ID and password.

Furthermore, you will have physical access on the target device and you need to end up with installation. Moreover, you need to activate it on the target device and you need to use the login ID and password you will have the cell phone spy app. You can use the live screen recorder to make short videos of the screen to stay updated teens activities online.

Moreover, the end user can monitor social media apps logs with the use of social media messenger spy software that provides you logs in terms of messages, conversations, audio video calls, and shared media.


End user can use a remote phone controller to protect teens from cyber dangers. You can view installed apps, remotely block text messages, block incoming calls of strangers and last but not the least parents can block internet access instantly on kid’s cell phone.