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I am always on the lookout for simple games on Google Play Store that not only have a straightforward concept, but also are extremely easy to play. And I found a latest one recently which I am going to share with you today in this article. Today we are going to talk about Bricks n Balls game which has one of the simplest concepts you’ll ever find in a mobile game, and yet it makes it quite addictive that you’ll be playing the game for hours at a stretch. You can download it on your smartphone or tablet, or you could follow our simple guide and download Bricks n Balls for PC using an Android emulator software to enjoy the game on a bigger screen.

So, what’s so good about this game, you might be wondering? For starters, it is extremely easy to play and no one would have any issues in understanding what needs to be done to complete the different levels and advance ahead. This Bricks n Balls game is a casual game, and one of the classics, that will not only give you something to do to pass the time, but also relax your mind and relieve all the stress. The main concept of the game is much simpler when you actually start playing, but we’ll have a look at it briefly to give you an idea of what to expect from it. So, before we have a look at how to download and install Bricks n Balls for PC, we’ll have a look at the concept of the game, why is it so popular, and all the features that has made it one of the best stress-relieving games on Google Play Store.

Bricks n Balls for PC – Features

When you discover a new game on Google Play Store, the first thing you do is check how many people have actually downloaded it on their smartphones. This is because it gives you a good idea of its popularity and the higher the number, the higher the chances of the game being good. This one has been downloaded on more than 10 million devices worldwide so far, which is a pretty good figure and a solid nod towards its popularity.

bricks n balls for pc

Not only are we going to have a look at the concept of the game, but we are also going to give you a quick walkthrough on the gameplay and how to get 3 stars in all the levels. So, if you are intrigued with the game, then let’s begin with the features.

First of all, the game’s absolutely free to download and doesn’t require you to have a network connection to play the game. However, it does show third-party advertisements, and also have optional in-game items that can be bought with real money. However, since this items are optional, you don’t really have to buy it unless you want to.

The only thing you need to do in this game is properly aim the balls in a particular direction so that they break as many bricks in a single attack as possible. If you are able to achieve that, then you’ll be able to earn 3 stars easily and score higher points in all the levels.

All the bricks have numbers on them which specify how many times you need to hit them with the balls to break them, so position the directions of the balls in a way that it not only hits multiple bricks before returning to its original position, but also take out those bricks in a single instant so that you can go after the other bricks during the second launch.

That’s all there is to know about the game as all you have to do is launch the ball and break as many bricks possible in the single attack to earn the highest score possible. Moreover, you can also challenge your friends and compare each other’s high scores to find out who’s the better player.

So, this was the entire concept of the game and how to play it to achieve higher score. If you are interested in playing the game after reading this, then all you have to do is follow the below steps to download and install the game on your computer.

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How to Download Bricks n Balls for PC?

Since you must already be owning a smartphone, or a tablet, you can go to Google Play Store or iOS app store, search for the game there and install it directly on your device. This is the best way to play the game as of now. However, if you are looking forward to enjoying the game on a bigger screen and would like to download it on your computer, then you can do that too. There’s no official desktop client for the game; but we can use an Android emulator software for this purpose. Using the best emulators, we can easily download any Android app or game on our Windows computer or Mac and run them without any issues. In this article, we are going to share with you the download process using two of the best emulators, and you can choose any one of them to download the game!

bricks n balls for pc download

Download Bricks n Balls for PC using BlueStacks

  • First of all, you need to download and install BlueStacks app player on your computer.
  • If you are using the app player for the first time, then login using your Gmail ID to authenticate your BlueStacks account and enable the App Sync feature as well.
  • Once the emulator is opened, click on the Search icon on the top.
  • Type “Bricks n Balls” in the search box and hit the find button.
  • A new tab will open in the emulator showing all the search results related to your query.
  • Click on the first link which will be of the casual game.
  • The official Google Play Store page of the game will now load in the emulator on your screen.
  • On the game page, click on the Install button.
  • A pop-up box will appear displaying the list of all the permissions needed to install and run the game.
  • Click on the Accept button to accept the permissions and close the pop-up box.
  • The download process will begin!

Download Bricks n Balls for PC using Nox App Player

  • Download and install Nox app player on your computer.
  • Once the emulator is installed, launch it on your desktop screen and follow the instructions. Since this is your first boot, it will take a little longer for the emulator software to load fully.
  • Next, you need to setup your Google Play Store account by logging in using your Gmail ID and password.
  • Next, click on the Search bar on the homepage and type in “Bricks n Balls” and hit enter.
  • You will see multiple search results for the query; click on the first link that will take you to the official game page on Google Play Store.
  • Now, click on the Install button and then click on the Accept button in the pop-up box to grant all the necessary permissions.
  • The download process will now start.

bricks n balls for pc online

No matter which emulator you use; if you’ve followed the above installation steps properly, the game will be installed on your computer within a few minutes. Since the game isn’t that big in size, it won’t take more than a few minutes; but if it’s taking long, then that means that your network connection is slow.

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Once the game’s successfully installed on your computer, you simply need to go to the dashboard of the emulator software, or to the “All Apps” tab and find the icon of the game. Next, click on the icon and it will open on your desktop screen. Now, you can simply start playing the game as there’s no need to create your profile.

This is how you can download, install and play Bricks n Balls for PC using BlueStacks app player as well as Nox app player. If you liked the article, and if you enjoyed playing the game, then make sure to share it with your friends as well so that they can join you in this fun experience.