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There are several zombie games in Google Play Store that you can download right now and start playing on your Android device. I personally have played many of them, but recently I installed Zombie Age 3 and I just love it. In the game, you are given different kinds of missions like killing a certain number of zombies or protecting a civilian and take them from one location to the other without getting eaten and others. If you like such games, then you should download Zombie Age 3 for PC as well using BlueStacks emulator.

With Zombie Age 3 game installed on your computer, you will never be bored as you can play the game whenever you are free. The best part about the game isn’t the zombies or the different kinds of weapons that you can equip your character with; because the real reason why I love the game is that there are awesome characters that unlock at a certain rank that you can choose. The characters in Zombie Age 3 for PC resemble a lot like Batman, the Joker, Deadpool, Bruce Lee, the Terminator, Cupid and many different characters from games, anime and comic books. So, let’s see some of the features of the game before we proceed with the installation steps.

Zombie Age 3 for PC – Features

You might have already figured out that this is the third installment in the popular Zombie Age game series. I have not played the first two installments but I have played, and am still playing, the latest installment and it is freaking awesome. So, check out some of the best features of Zombie Age 3 for computer to learn why it’s one of the best zombie games on Google Play Store.

zombie age 3 for pc

  • The game is free to download and play but contains optional in-game items that can be purchased with real money.
  • The game play is pretty simple as you have to kill all the zombies that pop-out in front of you and move from the beginning point to the end to complete the mission.
  • There will be various types of missions where you have to make sure not to get eaten as well as protect the civilians from getting eaten for a successful mission.
  • There are also ways to play the game with your friends and shoot some zombies together.
  • The game offers you 30+ deadly weapons to annihilate the zombies.
  • The best part about Zombie Age 3 for PC is that there are a lot of interesting characters to choose from. You can unlock these characters by ranking up and these characters have unique abilities that can help you in the mission.
  • Play 10+ game modes and encounter different kinds of zombies and horrible bosses in tough boss battles.
  • The game also has an achievements feature and a global leaderboard to see where you stand among players from around the world.

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Zombie Age 3 for PC Download

The zombie game is available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded directly from Google Play Store and iOS app store. If you own any of these devices, then you can get the game directly; but if you like to play it on a bigger screen, then you can download it on your computer.

Although, there is no official computer version of the game available, you can still download Zombie Age 3 on PC using various Android emulators. There are many such emulators available like BlueStacks, AndyRoid, Nox Player; but in this article, we will show you the steps to download the game with BlueStacks.

zombie age 3 for pc computer

You can choose any emulator you like and the steps will remain the same more or less. But, we will recommend you to go with BlueStacks as it is user-friendly, much more stable and supports almost all the Android apps and games.

Click on the above link to download the offline installer of the app player and save it on your computer. Once the installer is downloaded successfully, launch it and complete the installation process.

Steps to Download Zombie Age 3 for PC

  • Open BlueStacks.
  • Click on the Search icon and type in “Zombie Age 3”.
  • Hit the enter button and you will either be taken to the search results page on Google Play Store or the official game page will open.
  • If you are redirected to the search results page, click on the first link which will be of the game.
  • Now, once you are on the official game page, click on the Install button.
  • A pop-up box will appear on your computer screen.
  • Click on the Accept button to grant all the required permissions.
  • The pop-up box will close.
  • The download process of the game will now begin.

zombie age 3 for pc online

The download process should take some time depending on the speed of your Internet connection, but once all the required files are saved, Zombie Age 3 for PC will be installed successfully and will be ready for you to start playing.

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By following the above steps, you will be able to install the game. So, now you have to go to BlueStacks and click on the “All Apps” tab on the top-right corner of the dashboard where you will find all the apps and games installed. Click on the Zombie Age 3 icon to launch it on your computer screen.

This is how you can download and install Zombie Age 3 for PC using BlueStacks emulator! If you liked the article, then please share it with your friends as well so that they too can download the game and play it alongside you.