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Facebook Messenger is the best application to chat with your friends that are online and using Facebook. So if you use Facebook on a daily basis then you should have the messenger application installed because it makes it easy to chat with your friends whenever you want. So you can download Facebook Messenger APK file, which is that latest version or simply update the app by going to Google Play Store on your device.

With the application installed on your smartphone, you can easily send text messages to your friends and also send them images and videos and various website links without any difficulty. The app is not like WhatsApp messenger or LINE but it makes it easy for you to create a group and chat with all your friends at the same time and you can also forward any message that you receive to anyone. So you have to get the latest Facebook Messenger APK for Android and install the application to chat with your friends.

Facebook Messenger APK for Android – Features:

The application is very popular because it allows Facebook users to chat with their online friends. The features list of Facebook Messenger for Android is very long and that’s the reason it has been downloaded on hundreds of millions of devices.

facebook messenger apk for android

  • Free to Download & Use: You can download the application for free and you can send as many messages to your friends as you like and you won’t be charged a single penny for that. All you need is a working Internet connection.
  • Group Chats: You can chat with multiple people at a single time by using the group chat feature. Name the group and set the group photo and you can even forward any message to someone who wasn’t in the group.
  • Chat Heads & Free Calls: You can keep the conversation going with the Chat heads even when you are using different apps and with the free calling feature of the app, you can make free calls to your friends.
  • Voice Messages: You can record voice messages and send them when you have a lot to say.

What’s New in the Update?

  • You can now create groups and add people that you message the most.
  • You can use the forwarding feature to send a message or photo to someone who is not in the conversation.
  • You can use Free calls feature as long as you are connected with WiFi otherwise charges may apply.

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facebook messenger apk download

Download Facebook Messenger APK for Android

You can easily download the application by going to the Play Store on your Android device but if you want to download Facebook Messenger APK file then you can do so by using the link below.

Download APK Get it From Google Play Store

Once you have downloaded the APK file, you can just transfer the application to your smartphone and then you can install it manually just like you install any other application.

Version History: Facebook Messenger APK (Older Versions)

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