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If you have a smartphone then you might be using it for surfing the Internet a lot. This is not a bad thing because almost everyone does it and the purpose of a smartphone is to provide you with every feature and browsing the Internet is one of them. So having the best web browser like Firefox app installed on your Android device is a must. So if you don’t have it installed then download the latest version of Firefox 36.0.4 APK file and then start browsing the Internet at super-fast speed.

If you are using any other browsing application on your smartphone or tablet then you need to try out Firefox app as well as it is light-weight and keeps on updating every now and then to provide all the features to its users. You can go to Google Play Store on your Android device and then you can install the app directly on your phone or download the Firefox 36.0.4 APK for Android separately and then install it on your device.

Firefox 36.0.4 APK for Android – Features:

Since it is considered as the best web browser for smartphones and PCs, it has been downloaded on tens of millions of devices so if you are looking to download Firefox for Android then you need to check out the best features of the application.

firefox 36.0.4 apk for android

  • Customizable: The application’s home panel is customizable and you can choose to display any panel or any web content on the homepage.
  • Easy Sync: You can sync the Firefox installed on your computer with your smartphone to streamline all the date like history, bookmarks and passwords.
  • Add-Ons and Speed: You can install from hundreds of custom add-ons like Adblocker on your smartphone and the browser is extremely fast and provides awesome speed when surfing the Internet.
  • Privacy: You can choose to keep your browsing safe and secure and protect the confidential data like your passwords and other information.

What’s New in the Update?

  • Security Issues fixed.

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firefox apk download

Download Firefox 36.0.4 APK for Android

If you wish to download the application then you can download it directly from Google Play Store, however if you wish to download the APK file then you can do so by using the link below.

 Download APK  Get it from Google Play Store 

Once you have downloaded the APK file of the application, you can transfer the app on your device and then install the app on your Android smartphone to start browsing the Internet.

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