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There are hundreds of thousands of applications available in the Google Play Store that you can download on your Android device but there is one application that is needed to run all those applications and that is Google Play Services app. This particular application is like the back bone of your Android device because it makes sure that all the application runs properly and they are being updated whenever a new version is available. So you can download the latest version of Google Play Services 7.3.29 APK file and get all the latest features in your device.

Once you have installed Google Play Services on your smartphone, you will then be able to easily update all your other installed applications using the latest Google Play Store app and also all those apps will work efficiently without stopping for no apparent reason. If you have Play Store installed on your smartphone then you can get the latest version of Google Play Services 7.3.29 APK for Android directly on your device.

Google Play Services 7.3.29 APK for Android – Features:

There many features and functions that make the application the most important component of your smartphone so have a look at some of the best features of Google Play Services for Android.

google play services 7.3.29 apk for android

All the application that are installed on your smartphone needs to be updated on a daily basis and when Google Play Services is present on the smartphone it will help you update all the Google Apps as well as all the apps downloaded from Google Play Store.

The core functionality of your smartphone like authenticating your Google services, synchronizing your contacts, accessing all the latest user privacy settings and also the higher quality, lower-power location-based services.

The other awesome features of the application is that it speeds up your offline searches, provides amazing maps, improve the gaming experience and enhances your overall app experience.

Download Google Play Services 7.3.29 APK for Android

You can download the application directly by going to Google Play Store on your Android device but if the store isn’t working properly or you want to download Google Play Services APK then you can do so by using the download button below.

Download APK  Get it From Google Play Store

Once the application is downloaded successfully, you can move the APK file of the app to your smartphone and then you will be able to install it just like you install any other application.

Version History: Google Play Services APK (Older Versions)

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