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We have already seen a lot of chat applications like WhatsApp and Kik Messenger but there is one thing that all those apps lack. You can’t send big files using these apps but if you use Telegram app on your Android smartphone, you can send a file of up to 1.5 GB size to your friends. So if you send a lot of files to your friends and you want an easy solution to do so then you need to download Telegram 2.9.0 APK file and install it on your smartphone or tablet running Android OS.

When you install Telegram app on your Android device, you will be able to do all the things that you expect from a chat application. You will be able to send and receive free text messages, you can send multimedia files like images, videos and others and you get a chat app that is fast, secure and reliable. SO if you are looking for a great chat application, then download Telegram 2.9.0 APK for Android directly from Google Play Store on your device and start chatting with your friends.

Telegram 2.9.0 APK for Android – Features:

Since the app provides you the ability to send large files to your friends via chat, Telegram for Android has become quite popular and has already been downloaded on hundreds of millions of devices worldwide.

telegram 2.9.0 apk for android

  • Fast and Secure: The messenger app is currently the fastest app for smartphones and is also one of the most secure application as it encrypts all your data with time-tested algorithms.
  • Group Chats and Broadcasts: You can create a group of 200 people on Telegram and chat with all of them at once. You can also send a broadcast message to over 100 people at a time.
  • Share Large Files: You can share multimedia with your friends and you can also send large files (.doc, .ppt, .zip etc.) to your friends with ease.
  • Reliable: The app is very much reliable as it will work in the most weak Internet connection as well so that you can always stay connected with your friends.
  • No Advertisements: The app is absolutely free to download and there are no ads in the application giving you an amazing chat experience.

What’s New in the Update?

  • Install Custom sticker sets on your app.
  • If you are an artist, then you can create your own custom sticker set using the Sticker bot.
  • You can use Telegram with Android Auto.

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Download Telegram 2.9.0 APK for Android

You can download the application directly on your smartphone by going to Google play Store but if you wish to download Telegram APK file, then you can use the below links to do so.

download apk get it from google play store

Once you have downloaded the APK file of the application successfully, you just have to transfer it to your smartphone’s storage and then install the app manually on your device.

Version History: Older versions of Telegram APK

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