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Jungle Heat is an amazing war game that is available on multiple platforms and social network. When you install Jungle Heat for PC, you are charged with taking the lead in the battle with General Blood and free the native riches and keep the treasure of the nature safe in your storages. You have to build walls and fortify it, hire troops and train them in fight to make sure that your battle against the General and the marauders doesn’t end in a bad way.

The steps to download Jungle Heat game are pretty simple. Since, it is available on multiple platforms, you can play it on your smartphone or tablet, you can switch between them without losing any data. Also, you can use an emulator to download Jungle Heat for PC and play the game and fight to protect the riches of the jungle from your computer screen. So, let’s take a look at some of the features of the game and then we can see how to install it.

Jungle Heat for PC – Features

The game is a cross-platform game that you can enjoy on various devices. In the game, you have to build military bases, fight brutal battles and roam through the wild jungles and all these are displayed with stunning graphics that makes it one of the best war games.

The game and the story is simple but still the game is very popular with more than 10 million downloads across various platforms.

jungle heat for pc

  • Build Strategies: You have to plan your base of operations, build and upgrade your buildings, train your troops and set defense positions and get ready to attack the enemy.
  • Battle Players: The game gives you the chance to battle other players and attack blindly to take revenge.
  • Unique Heroes: You can assemble an army of unique heroes with different capabilities that can help you easily win any battle.
  • Tournaments: If you like challenges, then you can participate in individual or clan tournaments to show that world that you are the best.
  • Cross-Platform Support: You can play the game on any mobile device or on social networks. This makes it quite flexible game and you can play it whenever you want.

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Steps to Download Jungle Heat for PC

The game can be downloaded and installed on your smartphone by going directly to the app store. But if you like the app interface and want it on your computer, then you can use an emulator software to download Jungle Heat for computer.

Click on the above link and then download the setup files of the emulator. Install it on your computer and then follow the below steps.

  • Open BlueStacks.
  • Click on the search icon on top.
  • Type “Jungle Heat” and hit enter.
  • Select the first search result and then select Google Play Store.
  • You will be redirected to the official game page.
  • Click on the Install button and you are done.

jungle heat for pc download

At the end of the above steps, the download process will begin. It may take some time depending on your Internet speed and then the game will be installed on your computer. You can then start playing Jungle Heat for PC.

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To launch the game on your computer screen whenever you want to play, you will have to go to BlueStacks and click on the “My Apps” tab. You will see all the apps and games installed. In this case, you will see Jungle Heat game installed, so click on it and it will open on your screen.

That was the complete article on how you can download Jungle Heat for PC. If you liked the article, then you can share it with your friends so that they can install the game too and you can play it together.