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When you use a smartphone running the latest Android OS, you will definitely surf the Internet and visit various websites. All the Android phones come with Chrome browser built-in; but if you have used a feature phone before using a smartphone, then I am sure that you would have used UC browser to surf the net. The browser is developed for mobile phones and you can download it on your Android as well from Google Play Store. It offers you fast web surfing with a ton of extra features to make your experience the best. You can download UC Browser for PC as well using the official desktop client or through the emulator software.

With UC Browser app installed on your computer, you will be able to surf the Internet at blazing fast speed and download various files with ease, thanks to their powerful servers. The application gives you a clean interface to work with and has a ton of features like the Speed mode, ad blocker, data saving, Facebook mode, Night mode among others. With regular updates, the browser app gets all the new features to keep up with the current trends. You can download UC Browser for PC in two different ways – either using the official Windows version or using the Android emulator software like BlueStacks. In this article, we will be seeing both the methods but before that, let’s have a look at some of the features of the app.

UC Browser for PC – Features

The application is one of the most popular and most used browser apps for smartphones. It is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Java phone among others so that everyone can surf the Internet at fast speed. You too can download UC Browser for computer; but before that, let’s have a look at some of the features of the app below.

uc browser for pc

  • The browser app is completely free to download and use.
  • The app provides you fast and stable navigation from different tabs and amazing surfing speed to browser different websites easily doesn’t without any lag at all.
  • Using the browser’s Fast Mode, you can speed up your navigation while compressing the data usage and saving the MBs of your Internet package.
  • If you like to stay online on Facebook, then you can use the Facebook Mode of UC Browser app that helps you speed up the social network. It doesn’t matter if you have a slow Internet connection, the browser will find a way to speed up Facebook.
  • The app comes with AdBlock feature that blocks out the most annoying ads on various websites allowing you to access the cleaner interface.
  • If you are downloading files from the Internet, then you can use the Smart Downloading feature to get fast and stable downloads. Moreover, the browser will resume the downloads from their breakpoints, if they are dropped.
  • You can watch the videos from various categories on the browser app. There are funny videos and clips, movie trailers, anime shows and a lot more. You can also control the videos with gestures – like controlling the volume, brightness and progress of the video.
  • If you like using the app at night, then you can switch to Night Mode to read more comfortably in the dark.

These are some of the most awesome features of the UC Browser app that you can use on your computer as well. If you are interested in downloading it on your computer, then follow the below installation steps to do so.

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UC Browser for PC Download

The browser apps is one of the most popular applications and is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone as well as on phones with Java. You can download it from its official website or by visiting the respective app stores on your smartphone.

If you like the browser and love the surfing and download speed that it provides, you can download it on your PC as well. There are two ways to do that – using the official setup or using BlueStacks emulator to install the Android version on your PC. You can go with any of the two methods as we have discussed the steps for both below.

uc browser for pc computer download

Method 1: Download UC Browser for PC (Official)

The browser app was initially developed for only mobile phones; but seeing how popular it grew among smartphone users, it was released for Windows computer as well. If you have a computer with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10, then you can download the browser from its official website. It also comes with touchscreen support, so if you can download it and use with a touchscreen computer as well.

Click on the link below to go to the download page of the browser app:

Upon clicking the above link, you will be redirected to the download page on the official website and from there, you can download the “.exe” setup file on your computer and install it.

Method 2: Download UC Browser for PC using BlueStacks

If you are thinking of a reason to use the emulator method to download UC Browser on your computer instead of the official one, then it’s a very simple one. The reason is that when you use the browser on your smartphone, you will grow accustomed to its interface and if you want the exact same interface on your computer as well, you can use BlueStacks emulator to download the mobile version of the app.

  • Download and install the latest version of BlueStacks emulator on your computer using the above link.
  • Once installed, launch BlueStacks app player on your computer.
  • If you are using the emulator for the first time, then you will have to login to Google Play Store and authenticate the BlueStacks account and then enable the App Sync option to complete the setup process of the emulator.
  • Once the emulator setup is completed, the dashboard will appear on your screen showing various apps and categories.
  • Click on the Search icon on the top of the dashboard.
  • Type “UC Browser” in the search box and hit the find button.
  • A new tab will open in the emulator displaying all the search results related to your query.
  • Click the first link which will be of the browser app.
  • You will be redirected to the official app page on Google Play Store in the emulator.
  • Click on the Install button on the app page.
  • A pop-up box will appear on your computer screen displaying all the permissions required to install and run the app.
  • Click on the Accept button to grant the permissions and close the box.
  • That’s it! The download process should begin now.

uc browser for pc bluestacks

When you complete the above installation steps, you will see that the download process has now begun in the emulator. Once all the required file are downloaded and saved, UC Browser for PC will be installed and ready to be used.

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To open the browser application on your computer, you need to launch BlueStacks app player and then select the “All Apps” tab on the dashboard. You will now see all the apps and games installed on your computer and upon clicking the browser app icon, it will open on your computer screen.

This is how you can download and install UC Browser for PC using the official setup as well as using BlueStacks emulator! If you liked the article, then share it with your friends so that they too can download the browser app on their computers.