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If there is one app that’s all the rage nowadays, it’s Snapchat! Users around the world are using its unique rainbow filters and the face swap feature to create funny images and short videos. If you too have used or currently using the application on your smartphone, then you can download Snapchat APK file and install it manually to get all the latest features of the app. The new version comes with bug fixes and improvements to provide you a stable platform.

There are many such image-sharing apps available on Google Play Store, like Instagram, but the reason Snapchat for Android is growing in popularity is because of it’s extremely unique feature that deletes all the photos from its servers within 24 hours. Moreover, the app has become a great way for young users to interact with each other and become friends. So, if you love sharing your daily moments or your selfies with your friends, then you should download Snapchat APK for Android and start using the app.

Snapchat APK for Android – Features

As the app is extremely popular, it has already been downloaded on hundreds of millions of devices worldwide and the number is increasing rapidly. However, before you download the app, you should check out all its features to know what to expect.

snapchat apk android download

  • Free: The application is completely free to download and as long as you use WiFi or an active data pack, you won’t be charged any penny for the data usage either.
  • Snap Photos: Using the application, you can easily snap a photo and share it with your friends within a few seconds. You can even share videos with your friends and followers in the app.
  • Chat: There is a chat feature in the app that was released in one of the previous versions which shows you all your online friends and allows you to chat with them by sending text messages.
  • Stories: You can create complete stories using multiple snaps and putting them together in a proper sequence.
  • Live Events: Did you miss out on a particular event because of some reason? Then you don’t need to worry as long as there is someone present at the event and they have Snapchat installed on their device. You will be able to watch the events live through millions of Snapchatters.
  • Discover: There are millions of profiles and a lot of them create awesome stories. So, you can use the Discover feature to find the top publishers that share the best stories with their followers.
  • Lenses and Filters: The most popular feature of Snapchat is its lenses and filters. You can press and hold on a face to add various special effects to it by using the lenses and filters available in the app.

These are the best features of Snapchat APK for Android that you will use when you download it. However, you need to remember one thing when you share your snaps with your friends and followers. Although, all the images are deleted within 24 hours, a person can save them by taking a screenshot or using a camera. So, be extra careful with what you share on your profile.

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Download Snapchat APK for Android

The best way to download any app or game on Android is to go to Google play Store and install the application directly from there. However, there are times when you can’t download the app or upload it to the latest version because it has not released for your phone yet.

snapchat apk download

In that case, you can download the APK file of the application and install the app manually to get all the latest features. You can download Snapchat APK by using the below link.

Download APK Get it from Google Play Store

You can download the latest version of Snapchat APK by clicking here!

Once you download the APK file, enable the installation from Unknown Sources by going in your device’s Settings menu. You won’t be able to install any APK file manually, if this feature is disabled.

So, this is how you can download Snapchat APK for Android! If you liked the article, then share it with your friends and let them know about the latest version of the image-sharing app.