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If you’ve been a fan of anime shows, or you’re interested in getting into it and asking for recommendations, then I am sure you might have heard about this show called Sword Art Online. It is one of the most popular shows and everyone recommends it to new watchers because of it’s awesome premise. Taking it a step further, we now have a game that takes us back to the original storyline allowing us to relive all the events that happened in the show. So, if you’ve been a fan and would love to see your favorite characters again, then you need to download Sword Art Online: Integral Factor for PC or on your smartphone and start playing the game.

The story of the original anime show was quite amazing. People from around the world started playing an online RPG game in a virtual world but they were trapped in the game and the only way out was the complete all the levels and win it. However, dying in the game meant dying in the real life as well! With the Sword Art Online: Integral Factor game installed on your computer, you take the center-stage in the story as you become the part of the Assault Team who’s responsible of completing all the levels, fighting the strongest monsters, and finishing the game by reaching the 100th floor of Aincrad. However, things don’t always go as planned in Sword Art Online: Integral Factor for PC. So, if you are getting intrigued by the gameplay, then check out its best features before downloading it!

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor for PC – Features

The game, as expected, has become a smashing hit ever since it was launched on Google Play Store and already has more than half a million players all around the world. The RPG-style of the game combined with amazing story and familiar characters has made it one of the best games of the year. Below are some of the best features of the game that’ll give you an idea of what to expect from it!

sword art online: integral factor for pc

  • Free to Play: Like most of the other games on Google Play Store, this one is also free to play. However, there are various in-game items that can cost your real money, so keep that in mind while playing.
  • Battle System: The game traps you in the virtual world and you, along with your friend Koharu, will have to fight enemies through the sprawling fields of Aincrad in order to advance to the next floors by completing the different levels.
  • Co-operate with Teams: In order to beat powerful monsters and complete extremely hard missions, you can become a part of the Assault Team and co-operate with other players to beat these monsters.
  • Forge Weapons: To make sure that you always have the latest and the strongest gear in your possession, the game gives you the ability to forge strong weapons using the various items collected by battling across the virtual world.
  • Fight Your Enemies: Apart from having the strongest weapons, you also have to use the various skills awarded to you in the game to take down your opponents. Analyze your enemy’s attack pattern and recognize their weak points to take them down in one strong strike.
  • Live the Original Story: If you’ve been a fan of SAO and have watched the show, then you are going to love playing the game as you’ll be meeting all the familiar characters. Plus, you will get a chance to experience behind-the-scenes story that weren’t a part of the SAO show and completely different side-stories. Moreover, there’s also a “What-if” scenario that makes completing the game more awesome!

These are some of the features of the game that you should know about! It also got one of its biggest updates ever that brought in new features, new plots, new weapons and skills and a lot of amazing things. So, if you are ready to play the game, let’s see how to install it.

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How to Download and Install Sword Art Online: Integral Factor for PC?

The game is available for smartphones and can be downloaded from Google Play Store or iOS app store. Therefore, there’s no official way to download the game on your computer. However, we can use an Android emulator software like BlueStacks App Player or Nox App Player and download the game on our computer running Windows or Mac. We have mentioned the download process using both these emulators, so follow any one of them and start playing the game within minutes.

sword art online: integral factor for pc computer

Download Sword Art Online: Integral Factor for PC (Nox App Player)

  • Download Nox app player on your computer and complete the installation process.
  • Next, you need to setup your Google Play Store account by logging in using your Gmail ID and password.
  • Now, click on the Search bar on the homepage.
  • Type in “Sword Art Online: Integral Factor” and hit enter.
  • You will see multiple search results for the query; click on the first link that will take you to the official game page on Google Play Store.
  • Now, click on the Install button and then click on the Accept button in the pop-up box to grant all the necessary permissions.
  • The download process will now start.
  • Once installed, the game will appear on the dashboard and you can launch it from there immediately.

Download Sword Art Online: Integral Factor for PC (BlueStacks)

  • Download and install BlueStacks on your computer.
  • If you are using the app player for the first time, then login using your Gmail ID to authenticate your BlueStacks account and enable the App Sync feature as well.
  • Once the emulator is opened, click on the Search icon on the top.
  • Type “Sword Art Online: Integral Factor” in the search box and hit the find button.
  • A new tab will open in the emulator showing all the search results related to your query.
  • Click on the first link which is of the RPG game.
  • The official Google Play Store page of the game will now load in the emulator on your screen.
  • On the game page, click on the Install button.
  • A pop-up box will appear displaying the list of all the permissions needed to install and run the game.
  • Click on the Accept button to accept the permissions and close the pop-up box.
  • That’s it! The download process will now start.

sword art online: integral factor for pc free

Once the game is installed on your computer, the only thing you need to do is go to the “All Apps” tab and then click on the game icon to launch it on your computer screen. Now, create your profile and play the tutorial and then jump in the main storyline.

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This is how you can download, install and play Sword Art Online: Integral Factor for PC using BlueStacks as well as Nox App Player! If you liked the article, and have already started playing the game, then don’t forget to share it with your friends as well so that they can join you in the virtual world of Aincrad and help you complete the levels.