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If you have ever thought of using WhatsApp for PC then you should know that the developers of the most popular chat app have officially launched a web version of the application called WhatsApp Web that you can use on your computer using Google Chrome browser. With the app officially arriving for the computers, it has changed how people use the app. Now with WhatsApp Web for PC, you can easily send text messages and chat with your friends whenever you want.

Till now we have used BlueStacks emulator for PC to download and install Android applications like WhatsApp and Show box for PC but now with WhatsApp for web officially launched, you won’t have to use any emulator on your computer. However if you think that you will have to download WhatsApp software on your computer and install it then you are wrong because you will be able to use the app only in Chrome browser. So if you don’t have that browser then install it and then you can start chatting with your friends using WhatsApp on Google Chrome.

How to Use WhatsApp Web for PC and Mac?

If you want to start using WhatsApp Messenger for PC then you will need to have the application installed on your Android smartphone and it should be the latest version of the application and only then the web version of the app will work.

We will be syncing the data from the smartphone to the online version of WhatsApp which will allow us to carry on the conversation from the point you left. So let’s get started with the below steps to download WhatsApp Web for PC and Mac.

  • First of all, if you already have WhatsApp messenger installed on your Android device then you need to update it to the latest version using Google Play Store on your mobile.
  • If you don’t want to do that then you need to download WhatsApp 2.11.498 APK or you can download the latest version which is WhatsApp 2.12.23 APK. You should have the latest version of WhatsApp APK installed on your smartphone.
  • Now open Google Chrome and type in to go to the web version of the application.
  • You will now see a QR code on the homescreen of the web version of WhatsApp that you have to scan using your Android smartphone.

whatsapp web for pc mac

  • Now you will have to open WhatsApp messenger on your smartphone.
  • If you have the latest version of the app then in the menu of the app, you will see an option called “WhatsApp Web”, so click on it.

whatsapp for web pc

  • Once you click on it, a QR code scanner will open. Position it to the QR code on your computer screen to scan the code with your Android device.
  • Once you have positioned it perfectly, tap the “OK, Got It” option and the QR code will be scanned.

whatsapp for pc official

  • It will take a few moments for all the data to get synced between your smartphone to the WhatsApp web version.
  • Once done, you will be able to start chatting using WhatsApp Messenger on Google Chrome.

So that’s the complete guide on how you can download WhatsApp Web for PC and Mac. I hope that you enjoyed the article and if you did then you should rate the article and share it with friends.


Pros of Using WhatsApp Web for Desktop or Laptop Official:

  • Everyone was trying to use WhatsApp Messenger for PC from a very long time and installing it using different emulators so finally having an official version is surely a great advantage.
  • As long as you stay logged in to the Web version of WhatsApp Messenger, you won’t need to scan the QR code again and again. But be sure to check the box to stay logged in because if you log off then you will have to scan the code again.
  • You will be able to type in with amazing speed thus making your chat conversation go smoothly.

whatsapp web pc android official

Cons of Using WhatsApp for Web PC Official Version:

  • There is no new feature that sets it apart from the mobile version. It’s one and the same!
  • The online official version is not yet available for iPhone users so you can’t use it if you own an Apple device.
  • Risky to use in public computer because if you forget to log off then your private conversations can go into wrong hands.

So after knowing all the pros and cons of the WhatsApp for Web, will you be using it to chat with your friends or not? Do let us know what you will do now that WhatsApp Messenger for PC is officially available for use to the public and whether you are going to use it or not! If you liked the article to download WhatsApp Web for PC and Mac then don’t forget to rate the article and share it with your friends.