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Here is yet another amazing FPS game where you have to track the terrorists and take them down one by one to complete your mission. Modern Strike Online: PRO FPS comes with jaw-dropping graphics that look good even on low-end smartphones and the optimization that makes sure that the game¬† doesn’t lag one bit. So, if you are a fan of action games and love to play the classic first-person shooter game where you have to take down your enemies one by one while also saving yourself, then this is the title that you need to play. The game is available for smartphones, but you can also download Modern Strike Online: PRO FPS for PC using various Android emulator software for absolutely free. In this article, we will show you the step-by-step process on how to do exactly that!

The developers have stated on the game’s Play Store page that they are ready to change the online multiplayer gaming, but it will take a lot more than this to do that. I am not saying that the game is not good, I am just saying that the game doesn’t bring anything unique and there are a lot of similar games on the Play Store that are exactly like this. Keeping that aside for a second and just focusing on the gaming experience, I can say that it is really fun to play and since there are 8 different battle modes for both single and multiplayer, you can break the monotony and experience new gameplay structure. But like all the first-person shooter games, this one also looks better on a bigger screen which means that if you don’t have a tablet device, then downloading Modern Strike Online: PRO FPS for PC might be a really good idea. Before we get on with the download process, let’s have a look at all the features of the game to find out more about it.

Modern Strike Online: PRO FPS for PC – Features

The game, at the time of writing this article, already had more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store, with more than a million positive reviews. All this is thanks to the awesome features that come with the game and the amazing gameplay experience that it delivers. So, here are the best features that you should be aware of:

modern strike: online pro fps for pc

  • Free to Play: The game is absolutely free to download and play. However, the you need a stable internet connection to play the multiplayer modes, but the single battle mode can be played offline. Moreover, there are various items and skins in the game that you can purchase using real money, but those are completely optional.
  • Multiple Battle Modes: There are 8 different battle modes in the game for you to experience like Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch with a Bomb, Duel, Special Operations, Hardcore and Custom Games. Each of these game modes have their own set of specific rules that you need to follow and that’s what makes it really fun and interesting to play.
  • Game Optimization: One of the biggest problems when playing FPS games is that they lag a lot on low-end devices, but that’s not the case with this title. Unless you’ve got an extremely old phone with outdated hardware, you won’t experience much lag as the game’s optimized enough to work on all smartphones.
  • Several Weapons: There are more than 70 types of weapons available in the game like shotguns, guns, pistols, grenades, rockets, body-armors and more. Plus, you can customize your favorite weapons using the various skins and colors to make them unique from the rest of them. You also have the ability to upgrade your gear to its fullest potential and unleash all the firepower on your opponents to lay waste on the battleground.
  • Maps & Clans: As you keep playing and winning against your enemies, you will get access to new maps. There are 14 different maps in total where you can fight off against terrorists and try different tactics to take them down by finding their weaknesses. There’s also the option to create a clan or join an existing one to become friends with top players.
  • Custom Games: One of the most interesting feature of the game is the ability to create custom games where you can set your own rules and invite your friends to battle it out against each other.

These are some of the features of the game that have made it quite popular among action game lovers. So if you too are intrigued by the game after reading about it, then you can follow the below installation process to get it on your computer.

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How to Download Modern Strike Online: PRO FPS for PC?

If you want to download the game on your smartphone or tablet, then you simply have to head over to the app store on your device, search for the title and install the game from there. But if you want to get it on your computer, then you need to first install an Android emulator and then follow the exact same steps. There are several such emulators available online that you can use like BlueStacks, Nox, Andyroid, Remix OS Player and more. What these emulators do is create a virtual environment that allows you to run Android apps and games without any issues. In this article, we will show the download process using BlueStacks app player and Nox app player, so you can choose to follow any of the below mentioned methods to download the game on your computer.

modern strike: online pro fps for pc online

Download Modern Strike Online: PRO FPS for PC using BlueStacks

  • Download and install BlueStacks emulator on your computer.
  • If you are using the emulator for the first time, then login using your Gmail ID to authenticate your BlueStacks account and enable the App Sync feature as well.
  • Once the emulator is opened, click on the Search icon on the top.
  • Type “Modern Strike Online: PRO FPS” in the search box and hit the find button.
  • A new tab will open in the emulator showing all the search results related to your query.
  • Click on the first link which is of this action FPS game.
  • The official Google Play Store page of the game will now load in the emulator on your screen.
  • On the app page, click on the Install button.
  • A pop-up box will appear displaying the list of all the permissions needed to install and run the game.
  • Click on the Accept button to accept the permissions and close the pop-up box.
  • The download process will begin!

Download Modern Strike Online: PRO FPS for PC using Nox App Player

  • Download and install Nox app player on your computer.
  • Once the emulator is installed, launch it on your desktop screen and follow the instructions. Since this is your first boot, it will take a little longer for the emulator software to load fully.
  • Next, you need to setup your Google Play Store account by logging in using your Gmail ID and password.
  • Next, click on the Search bar on the homepage and type in “Modern Strike Online: PRO FPS” and hit enter.
  • You will see multiple search results for the query; click on the first link that will take you to the official game page on Google Play Store.
  • Now, click on the Install button and then click on the Accept button in the pop-up box to grant all the necessary permissions.
  • The download process will now start.

modern strike: online pro fps for pc free

As soon as you have completed the above steps, you will see the download process begin in the emulator window. It will take some time to download the game and install it, so be patient; but once the process id done, you can launch Modern Strike Online: PRO FPS on your computer and begin playing it without wasting another second.

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To launch the game on your computer, open the emulator software and go to the App Center, the home page or the window where all the installed apps are listed and then click on the game icon. This will open the game on your computer screen. From here, you have to setup your profile, go through the tutorials to get familiar with the controls and then jump into your very first battle to gain experience before you begin exploring other battle modes.

This is the step-by-step process on how exactly you can download, install and begin playing Modern Strike Online: PRO FPS for PC! If you liked the article, then make sure to share it with your friends so that they too can join you in this FPS action game.