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Pokemon GO has become a worldwide phenomenon as everyone is out on the streets trying to catch their favorite Pokemon and battling in gyms. However, there are still a lot of issues with the game and one of them is the tracking which is not reliable when it comes to actually finding the Pokemon that’s supposed to be around you. So, at times like this, you can download and install PokeMesh 4.2.0 APK on your Android device to locate exactly where the Pokemon are.

Currently, this app is working nicely and you can get the exact location of all the Pokemon that are around you along with the time remaining till they run away. If you want to use the PokeMesh app, then you should do it now as there’s no guarantee as to how long the app will be running as recently, Niantic has stopped all the Pokemon tracking apps and services from functioning. The app is not available in Google Play Store, so you will have to download PokeMesh 4.2.0 APK for Android and then install the app manually.

PokeMesh 4.2.0 APK for Android – Features

Although, the app isn’t available in the app stores, there is still a huge demand for it as it has been downloaded on millions of devices worldwide. This shows that the app is still functioning properly and will help you in finding those rare Pokemon you have been searching for.

pokemesh 4.2.0 apk for android

  • The app is completely free to download and use.
  • While using the app, make sure that you login with a different Gmail ID then the one you are using for Pokemon GO to avoid getting banned.
  • The app allows you to scan any location on the map for hidden Pokemon.
  • One of the best features of the application is that you can select a Pokemon that you are looking for and it will send you a notification whenever it spawns.
  • It also shows the time remaining for the Pokemon to despawn.
  • Hold down on any location on the map to start a scan and find if there are any rare Pokemon there.
  • Find Pokemon cards through the search bar, check the last seen time for the Pokemon, select the Pokemon you want to get notified for and much more features in the app.
  • The app even shows you the location of the PokeStops and Gyms on the map.

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Note: Make sure that you use a completely different email account to login to PokeMesh than the one you are using for your Pokemon GO account to avoid getting any types of bans.

Download PokeMesh 4.2.0 APK for Android

If you want to download the application, then you should know that it isn’t available in Google Play Store or any other app store from where you can get it directly.

pokemesh apk download

You will have to use the below link to download the PokeMesh APK file and then complete the installation process manually. That’s the only way to download and use the Pokemon locator app for now.

Download APK

You can download the latest version of PokeMesh app by clicking here!

To successfully install the application, you need to make sure that the Unknown Sources is enabled in your phone by going to Settings > Applications/Security. If it isn’t enabled, then enable it to avoid any issues.

This is how you can download PokeMesh 4.2.0 APK for Android! I hope that you liked the article and have started using it to find the location of all the Pokemon around you. If you liked it, then share it with your friends and help them in their Pokemon hunting adventure.