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Every time you hit the road- whether on a business trip or on vacation – you always want to find a convenient and affordable means of transport. Uber has made is easy for globe trotters and domestic travelers to find and hire rides in almost every city on earth. The company has built a network of reliable drivers that operate on 24/7 basis. All you need is to download and install uber apk.

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Uber has a global presence something makes it easy for travelers to move easily from city to city.  The majority of their drivers have a good reputation and are in good standing with the law. Whether you’re travelling to Johannesburg or Perth or London, or Vladivostok, you will never miss to catch ride on time every time.

Uber Apk features:

In order to travel conveniently, you need an app that lets you book and travel smartly.  Uber apk comes with features that takes care of all your ride on demand needs. With Uber, you will never need to worry about where you will get the next ride. Let’s look at some of the awesome features of the Uber app.

Uber Features

  • Fare Estimate: find out how much each trip will cost you before you reserve a ride. Simply set your pickup location, destination, and click on the Fare quote to get an approximate amount.
  • Pay conveniently: Uber accepts PayPal, cash (in select cities), and credit card payments. You will be billed automatically at the end of your ride.
  • One Tap Ride: You can use your GPS to detect your location and find the available driver That means you can get pick from wherever you ae even if you don’t know the address.
  • Reliable pickups: simply request a ride and you will be notified of a driver within your location. You will receive the drivers name and car details in your app.
  • Leave feedback: after every pickup, you can share your experience about the trip and the driver as well.
  • Clear pricing: passengers get accurate pricing for rides in every city. You don’t need to ask the driver how much you’re going to pay, simply enter your location or address.

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Download Uber Apk

You can easily download Uber apk from Google Playstore or from Media Fire. We recommend that you go to Playstore so that you can find the right version for your device. For quick download, click on the links below.

Download APK Get it from Google Play Store

How to Use Uber App

Using Uber is a simple and straightforward thing. Once you download and install the apk, you can book a ride by following the steps below.

Uber Android Apps on Google Play

Step 1- Go your device and tap on the uber app

Step  2- Select your pickup location.

Step 3- Reserve a ride and the driver will accept.

Step 4- Finally, enter destination or address of the location

The driver will see where you’re going, the route, and expected time of arrival once they pick you up.

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