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If you like to listen to music and you are always looking for new songs and tracks, then you should use SoundHound app on your smartphone. Or, you can also download SoundHound for PC as well using an Android emulator software so that you can find all the details about a song that you just heard but you didn’t know its name. The application is similar to Shazam for PC and when you install it, you will be able to search for all the details of any songs or tracks easily.

Once you install SoundHound app, you will be able to identify any song playing around you.  I would recommend you to download the app on your smartphone as well because you can search for songs whenever you want. Also, by installing SoundHound for PC, you can make your work a lot easier. So, download the application, tap on the orange button when a new song is playing in the background, and the app will bring up all the information related to the song. If you are wondering how to download SoundHound for PC, then follow the steps mentioned in this article.

SoundHound for PC – Features:

The application is very popular among smartphone users because everyone loves listening to music. So, when you come across a new song, you can easily know the name of that song and you can get it on your device through the app.

So, before we see how to download SoundHound for computer or laptop, we should check out some of the best features of the app, so that you know what you can expect from the music recognition application.

soundhound for pc

  • Identify Songs: When a new song is playing in your background, simply launch the SoundHound app and tap on the orange button. It will identify the song for you and give you all its details.
  • Real-time Lyrics: If you like the new song and you want to sing along to the beat, then you can use the live lyrics feature to sing the song without missing any word.
  • Save the Song: If you really liked any song that you just discovered, then you can save it to your Spotify or Rdio playlist so that you can listen to it later.
  • Purchase Songs: The application gives you a lot of features and one of them is to purchase the songs through Google Play from within the app itself.
  • Song Previews and Details: You can preview the songs and albums and check out their reviews. You can also artists’ photos and their biographies, watch music videos and also share your favorite songs via Facebook or Twitter.

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SoundHound for PC Download

The application is available for smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS and can be downloaded directly from Google Play Store or iTunes app store. However, there is no official version of the application available for Windows computer.

But, you can use an Android emulator software to download SoundHound for computer using the app’s APK file. To do that successfully, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Download and install BlueStacks app player on your computer.
  • Launch BlueStacks, click on the search icon and then type in “SoundHound” and hit enter.
  • From the search results, click on the Install button in the first result and then you will be given links from 3 different app stores. You can choose any of them, but I recommend you to go with Google Play Store.
  • If you choose Google Play Store, then you will be asked to log in to your account using your Google username and password.
  • Once logged in successfully, you will be redirected to the official Google play store page of SoundHound app on your computer.
  • Finally, click on the Install button to begin the download process.

soundhound for pc computer download

The download process might take some time depending on the Internet speed, so be patient. Once the app is downloaded, it will be installed on your computer and ready to be used.

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SoundHound for PC is now successfully installed and to open that app, you need to go to BlueStacks and click on the “My Apps” tab. You will find the application icon and when you click on it, it will open on your computer screen. Now. simply create your account with the application to start using it.

To identify the song using SoundHound for computer, you can simply hum the song or sing it using the microphone and the app will search for it and give you the result almost instantly.

That was the complete article on how you can download SoundHound for PC! If you liked the article and you are using the app, then share it with your friends so that they too can discover new songs using SoundHound for PC!